Rice offerings and Buddhist chants done during the Cambodia’s Festival of the Dead

According to recent reports, on Tuesday, the Cambodians threw rice on top of the the ground in marking what is referred to as the ‘Festival of the Dead’ in Cambodia or simply Pchum Ben. In this event, the Cambodians took rice and threw the uncooked rice by sprinkling to the ground. According to Cambodian history, this day was considered a special day where by the native gave offering rho their goods in the meanwhile speaking to them. According to reports, it was indicated that by throwing the uncooked rice to the ground was a way of feed the dead spirits. In accordance to this, the Cambodians would visit all the pagodas located across the country within this 15 days of festival and with them, they would carry or rather take offering to this  place annually and afterwards they would offer some food and prayers to the dead spirits of all their deceased friends and most importantly relatives, who according to them, they believed that their spirits only emerge to consume this offered food during this period. More so, at Tuol Tumpoung pagoda which is located in the capital of Phnom Penh, hundreds of  thousands of people gathered and crowded in the temple complex only to offer food and also money to the Buddhist monks who at the moment are situated at the backdrop of the chanting.

However, Mang Noy, a 74 year old monk located in Tuol Tumpoung pagoda told the reporters who were present in the temple that during the initial day of the Pchum Ben, all the dead relatives and friends would came to look for food from us. He also added that for many people,  this was the time for remembrance of the victims who lost their lives during the 1975-1979 Khmer Rouge regime. According to past records of cambodia,  during this Khmer Rouge regime, At least 1.8 million Cambodians which is equivalent to quarter of the total population living in the country were killed. More so most victims died of exhaustion, torture, starvation and more so disease which lead to mass executions and death of this people