Accident Snatches Malayalam Singer Balabhaskar’s Daughter

Prominent Malayalam violinist Balabhaskar together with his family met with an awful accident on their route home from Thrissur. Balabhaskar’s two-year-old girl died in the mishap, while he along with his better half is badly harmed.

In what is a to a great degree awful episode, the couple had gone to a sanctuary in Thrissur for a thanksgiving petition for their girl, who was conceived 15 years after their marriage.

The couple is as of now in a doctor’s facility for treatment.

As indicated by reports, the driver of the vehicle rested off, and the auto slammed into a tree, prompting the fatal mischance.

The two-year-old was sitting in the front traveller situate while Bala’s better half was in the secondary lounge of the auto.

Balabhaskar is a prominent figure in the Malayalam motion picture and music ventures. He has teamed up with numerous stalwarts.