U.S. talks cancelled by China military due to protest sanctions over Russia military equipment

According to recent reports, China postponed the awaited joint military talks after summoning the U.S. ambassador in Beijing after a protest against the U.S. decision concerned with U. S.  planning to sanction the Chinese military agency and more so the Chinese director simply because of China purchasing a surface to air missile system and more so a Russian fighter jets. In addition to this, Zheng Zeguang, the Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister on Saturday summoned Terry Branstad, Ambassador representing the U.S. on Beijing to lodge a stern representation. More so the China’s Defence Ministry in an earlier statement said that China will only recall Shen Jinlong, navy chief from visiting the United States and thereby postponing the earlier planned talks which were to be held in Beijing between U.S. military officials and the Chinese military officials which was set to commence at the beginning of next week.

However, China in the meanwhile added in their statement that the China’s military has reserved all the right on taking further countermeasures and that the military together with the government officials will not provide further details till their demands are met by their counterparts (the United States). Wu Qian, Ministry spokesman said that China’s decision to purchase the missile systems and the fighter jets from Russia was just a normal cooperation act which exists between the sovereign countries and more so the United States, concerning with this matter had no right whatsoever to interfere with China business with the sovereign countries. Earlier on Thursday, it was reported that U.S. State Department had imposed sanctions on the China’s Equipment Development Department (EED), branch which is responsible with military weapons procurement, immediately after China which according to the U. S.   engaged in a significant transaction with the Rosoboron export, which according to the U. S.  is considered as Russia’s main arms exporter. This talks were cancelled by Chinese government immediately after the U. S. imposed this sanctions and according to the reports the only way to have this meeting is only by removing this sanctions they imposed on their military Equipment and Development Department.