Tender Letes in dollars at a rate of 3.65%

The Government will make a new auction on Tuesday of Treasury Bills (Letes) in dollars at 182 days and a maximum price of US $ 982.13 for every US $ 1,000 of nominal value, which is equivalent to a nominal annual rate of 3, 65%

The reception of offers will begin at 10 this Tuesday, end at 15 the next day, and will be done according to the procedures approved by resolution 162-E / 2017 of the Ministry of Finance.

The tender will be made by price indication, in which there will be a competitive and a non-competitive section. To participate in the first one, the subscription price must be indicated each US $ 1,000 of nominal value, while for the other, only the amount to be subscribed must be stated.

Hacienda clarified that “a maximum price will be established for the Letes, leaving aside the restriction of awarding in the non-competitive tranche a maximum amount of 100% of the amount awarded in the competitive one”.

The subscription may be made both in pesos and in dollars, at the exchange rate corresponding to Communication “A” 3500 of the Central Bank of this Tuesday.