Google launched its own app to listen to podcasts on Android

Podcasts are one of the formats of digital content that have grown the most in recent times. Throughout the world, new options are emerging to subscribe to programs and series in digital audio that can be heard on demand.

Although in Argentina they still do not have a popularity in the dimensions of other countries (for example, in 2017, one of every four Americans listened to some podcast), also in our country the offer grows, with new shows and new distribution platforms.

Now, the internet search giant, which already owns the largest video distribution platform (YouTube), launched its new application dedicated exclusively to the distribution of podcasts.

There, he will use recommendation algorithms (as well as use Netflix and Spotify) to suggest to users what programs to listen to based on their preferences and habits.

The application, like any other in the segment, allows you to search and subscribe to shows, and download your episodes and listen to them at any time.

The characteristics of the format make it ideal to be heard while one is in transit (by car or public transport) so it is essential to have apps on the phone that can play the episodes even offline.

From this Tuesday, Google Podcasts says that it has more than 2 million programs ready to listen.

If one installs it from Argentina (through Google Play), the app offers a variety of programs in Spanish, from different parts of Latin America and Spain and classified by genre (Comedy, Culture, News, Sports, Religion, Art).

But it also allows you to look for shows and episodes from everywhere. There are, for example, all the podcasts of the Argentine producer Posta, those of the state-run Radio Nacional, the episodes of “Argentina Podcastera” and many recommendable from the United States: as “The complete guide to everything”, “Culture gab fest” (from Slate), “Recode / Decode” with Kara Swisher and “ID10T” with Chris Hardwick.

Thus, Google comes out to compete strongly with other platforms, such as Spotify, TuneIn, Podcast Addict and Soundcloud, among others. Previously, he already offered these contents in Google Play Music, but now he will focus his efforts on the new platform.

“There’s still a lot of room to grow when it comes to listening to podcasts,” said Zack Reneau-Wedeen, product manager of the app.

For the next few months, the company plans to add other artificial intelligence functions, such as automatic subtitling in different languages. This function will also serve to jump to a particular moment of the episode, depending on the content of what is said.

Google also said it wants to expand the number of podcast producers in search of greater diversity (gender and race). But, as he has done with other content, he does not plan to pay them directly for it, but he would offer them special diffusion and also access to recording technologies.