Germany ousts it’s spymaster over far-right violence row

According to recent reports, earlier on Tuesday, Germany’s government in an official statement said that it was going to replace the acting head of the domestic intelligence agency of the country and more so the head is facing accusations concerned with harboring right (far) sympathies thereby putting a full stop to all the rows which expose divisions within Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government. The government in a statement said that Hans-Georg Maassen, who previously questioned the authenticity from a video footage which was captured by camera showing the far-right radicals implemented on migrants in the German (eastern) city of Chemnitz, after leaving the BfV agency he was going to become the senior official within the interior ministry.

However, the center and left SPD (Social Democrats), who are currently the junior coalition partners of the Merkel’s conservative group wants Maassen to be removed from his office which he has been working since 2012. Horst Seehofer, who is the leader of the Merkel’s Bavaria allies for all those years down the line has been on the right side of Maassen. The government however in a statement said that the interior Minister Horst Seehofer has valued Maassen’s competance when it come to the question of public security.  The government officials however added that Mr Maassen at any point will not be in charge for any supervising with the BfV in the ministry.

According to the German media commentators who derided the decision said this a saving measure which amounted to nothing more than the promotion of Maassen, who at the moment is facing accusations of right (far) sympathies during his serving time at the BfV on the mishandling of some high profile cases. Dietmar Bartsch who is the hard-left Die of the Linke party said that Maassen according to the government is no longer a top spy. This according to the department is good But also a farce that he is being promoted from one rank to another and that even the SPD is moving along with this. The government however reached its end yesterday. This was after the emergence of government on the election losers.