Alienated U.S. diplomats, Pompeo seeks rapprochement

According to recent reports, Mike Pompeo, the U.S. Secretary of State today doubled all promotions to all top American diplomats. According to reports, Pompeo is doing this in accordance to seeks and restore the diplomatic ties with which exists between the workforce and the alienated diplomats and more so leave behind a new foundation to his predecessor, Rex Tillerson. Since taking the Secretary of State position in April, Pompeo in his statement lavished all his attention on the demoralization of the diplomats by former oil executive’s and distant management style is reluctance on their consultation to the in-house experts and more so inability in obtaining personnel choices through President Trump’s counsel in the White House.

However, according to the government officials, CIA director and more so the existing charm offensive displayed by former Republican lawmaker contains in it a resuming which manifests that the government is going to hire diplomats’ family members as soon as the diplomats are posted abroad. According to the cheerleading emails, the individuals concerned to staff about the secretary of State travels was to push and more so replenish the top ranks of U.S. diplomacy. In accordance to the period in which Pompeo has been on the set,  the most tangible thing and exclusive agenda Pompeo has done in his presence is providing his predecessor with the State Department promotion lists, which has been disclosed internally since the beginning of Aug. 31 and more so from this internal memo,  the reporters who took a review on the internal memo, which proves that Pompeo has increased sharply the number of diplomats stated in the promotion list to the promoted to three of the total top four ranks.

On Friday, according to the released provisional agency document which was seen circulating internally showed that Pompeo recommended the doubling of the number of all career ministers who currently are considered as the 2nd highest rank as far as the U.S. foreign service is concerned from 8th position to top 4. This according to Pompeo will assist in bring together a number of high ranked diplomats in working together in ensuring the best to the U. S citizen and extended services to other countries which require this assistance.