Mercatone Uno, glimpses in the dispute: the private negotiation concluded with the possible buyer

Villanova d’Albenga. The extraordinary commissioners of the Mercatone Uno Group, the sales group of furniture and furnishing accessories (with a sales point also in Villanova d’Albenga) under extraordinary administration since 7 April 2015, met today at the Ministry of Economic Development national and regional levels of trade unions and the regions concerned.

“The meeting took place in the context of the constructive confrontation initiated by the commissioners, since their appointment, with the social partners and institutions – the company says – The extraordinary commissioners, at the conclusion of the long and complex private negotiation, followed upon receipt of the binding offers, they announced the imminent presentation, to the Monitoring Committee and to the MISE, of the application for the awarding of company summaries, which will ensure the continuity of the company in a relevant perimeter of points of sale and the maintenance of adequate employment levels “.

“The activity of the Extraordinary Commissioners has allowed in these three years the maintenance of the business activity, essential to get to the sale, without resorting to external financing or the state guarantee provided for the Extraordinary Administration procedures – they conclude from the company – All this also thanks to the renewed trust of suppliers and customers and the great sense of responsibility of workers and their representatives “.

In the dispute, in short, it opens a window: now the proposal to identify the winner will be submitted to the Supervisory Committee for the necessary opinion for the purpose of the approval of the dicastery. “The solution identified – commented by Fisascat Cisl – would allow both the continuity of the company and the significant protection of the 74 stores in the sales network and employment levels that would amount to over three thousand units in the 59 stores currently active”. The unions have shared “the need to have an extraordinary business plan that allows shops to operate in the period in which the transfer of the business unit will take place, in order to preserve management continuity in this delicate step, which could ultimately result in an increase in the appeal to the Cigs “.

“Our wish – stated the national secretary of the CISCascascian Vincenzo Dell’Orefice in the margins of the comparison – is to arrive at a rapid definition of the epilogue of the administrative procedure in compliance with the objective, also declared always also by the extraordinary commissioners and by local authorities, of the greatest possible protection of employment levels “.

In conjunction with the meeting the unions have organized a sit-in in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Economic Development of 150 workers of Mercatone Uno from all over Italy. The table at the dicastery is updated in the middle of April.