Xiaomi’s new smart toilet has WiFi and personal recognition

While the market for smart toilets seems to be limited to Japan alone, the Chinese company Xiaomi decided to enter that niche with a new product: an intelligent toilet seat.

The Smartmi Small Smart Toilet Seat is an economical version of a product that the company had recently launched, but which the public considered too expensive. Now, Xiaomi returns to the charge, with a price of $ 189.

What features does it have? The most curious thing about this device is that it recognizes the person sitting on it, which allows you to customize some of its characteristics.

For example, you can set the temperature of the bidet water jet, as well as the pressure and angle.

You can also leave comfortable and piacere the temperature of the seat, and other hygiene options that depend on the sex of the user.

The toilet also has a WiFi connection, allowing you to connect with Miband, the Xiaomi weareable.

Another curiosity is that the Smartmi Small Smart Toilet Seat announces with a beep if the user has spent more than 30 minutes sitting on it.

The toilet is made of ceramic and covered with polypropylene resin, a material that avoids the risk of infections by offering antibacterial protection of 99.9%. It has a rounded design and a control panel to configure it, in addition to numerous sensors.