Hurricane Michael Leaves Inconceivable Damage

A hurricane that landed in Florida close to Category 5 strength on Wednesday night, popularly known as Hurricane Michael, has left an unimaginable amount of damage in most parts of Panhandle and killed several people. Search and rescue teams have been deployed in the area from Thursday to help find any survivors of the powerful storm that has not only affected Florida Panhandle but areas beyond it.

The hurricane has affected several buildings, which collapsed and splintered, damaged several hospitals, roads as well as water systems. Many homes and businesses have been affected while others have been left without electricity.

Right before the hurricane struck; there was call for residents to evacuate as weather forecasters had already known that the hurricane would be one of the strongest to ever hit United States. However, there were a few families that ignored the evacuation orders and have been greatly affected by the storm.

A 64 year old retired power company worker Andrew Lamonica is one of those people who decided to stay on even after the warnings. When the storm struck, a tall pine crashed into his house in a mighty crack, damaging the exterior and interior of his rented bungalow. Rainwater started leaking into his house through the completely shattered roof. Before long, two other trees in his compound came down. His car, a 2011 Cadillac, was the only thing that survived without a scratch.

By afternoon after the storm, the widespread damage was clear and already, six people were reported dead, with an unidentified number of people still missing. Authorities were working hard to rescue any survivors as quick as they could, by deploying rescuers by boat and helicopter.

The part of Florida State that was affected is the densest compared to the rest of the state; therefore there were some difficulties in trying to get everyone out. Still, the rescue was not giving up.

So much damage has been left in Panama City, with several businesses and homes in ruins following the Wednesday night storm. Some businesses survived though, without a scratch. It is a good thing there was an evacuation order because more than 50,000 residents who had left town would be part of those that were largely affected by the storm.