Invent application to motivate young people to use less cell phone

The use of cell phones has brought remarkable advantages to society but it has also made young people who were born with technology already part of their lives, spend many hours a day using these devices.

As a result, three students from the Business School of Copenhagen (Denmark), decided to create an application that would make “addicts” to the mobile phone could begin to depend less on him, according to the newspaper La NaciĆ³n.

The software is called “Hold”, works with Android and iOS devices and is free, and the idea is that young people accumulate points for longer than they are without using the cell phone. If you do not use your phone between 7 o’clock in the morning and 11 o’clock at night of the weekly days, add up to 10 points for every 20 minutes that you resist without looking at the screen.

The good thing is that, and here is the appeal of the application, the accumulated points can be exchanged for coffees, tickets for the cinema, books, stationery products and even shipments of the Amazon company. As an example: to earn three coffees you need to have 300 points, which means that the user had to spend 10 hours using Hold and not using the cell phone, said the BBC’s Spanish-language website.

Maths Mathisen, Florian Winder and Vinoth Vinaya are the students who created the program and explained to the English media that the objective is to “limit those distractions by rewarding students and giving them an incentive to concentrate on their work”.

“The fact that a quarter of students in Norway have downloaded Hold in just three months since its launch demonstrates that young people are willing to make that change and leave cell phones aside while they study,” the youth added. .

An article published by the magazine Very Interesting, explains that there are some psychologists who consider that cell addiction is real and exists, while others believe that they are compulsive tendencies.

The truth is that, according to the cited medium, there are some signs that would mark when a person is addicted to the cell phone: consult the screen every few minutes for more than not wait for a message or call, sleep with the device in hand, prefer to engage conversations over the phone and not so much in a personal way.

Also, this type of obsession with mobile technology can become more harmful in adolescents because they are people who are fully developing their social skills. The same would happen if a child has the possibility of using a cell phone and becoming dependent, it can lead to problems such as lack of concentration or difficulties for mental retention.