Wife Dies In London While Husband Languish In Pakistani Jail

Kulsoom Nawaz, the wife to ex- Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is dead. She passed away in London Hospital on Tuesday (11 September) at Harley Road Medical center, where she has been receiving treat for the last 21 weeks. She was put on life sustain machine in the same healthcare facility after her physical health exacerbated, revealed by the ABP News bulletin.

That said than done, the PM Imran Khan received the new profound heartbreak over her loss of life. “He claimed almost all amenities is going to be supplied to the loved ones as well as heirs of Kalsoom Nawaz according to law.”

Kulsoom Nawaz who died at 68 years and the ex-first lady of Pakistan, has a husband who happens to be spouse Nawaz Sharif and they were blessed with four young people.

The Indian Express disclosed: “According to Pakistan mass media Geo TV, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Shehbaz Sharif together with her kid, Hussain Nawaz, affirmed that the previous first lady breathed her final at a medical center in London.”

Based on the previous statement, the ex-first lady of Pakistan had endured a cardiac arrest the previous year. “In 2017, she underwent a surgical procedure to get rid of diseased lymph nodes after she was identified as having respiratory tract cancer. Afterward, she grew weaker after several treatment plans as well as remedies.” The ex-first lady of Pakistan struggle with cancer has been real and frustrating. The cancer treatment did not only make her weaker it as well depleted has family resource.

Her spouse, as well as ex- Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif plus their little girl Maryam, are presently lodged in a Rawalpindi the local jail. The pair of were imprisoned in Islamabad following their conviction by an anti-corruption trial in July. The former PM and the daughter were jailed for ten years.

There is no clear picture as to whether the ex- Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif her husband a well as their little girl Maryam will be allowed to come and bid fear well to her. The country and well as the authorities are yet to speak on this matter.