Six killed in Somali capital after Suicide car bomb

According to recent reports, on Monday, a suicide car bomb was rammed into the local government office located in Somalia’s capital, according to reports at least 6 people where killed during this attack. According to the local authorities this attacks were claimed by a group known as al Qaeda-linked which is linked to al Shabaab. According to reporters who were at the seen, a loud blast which was heard from a distance destroyed the office which is located in Mogadishu’s Hodan district and this sent up huge fire and more so huge clouds of smoke could be seen from far. According to reporters on the scene, there were 5 dead bodies and on top of that the remains of the sixth person. However, in his statement Abdikadir Abdirahman, director of Amin Ambulance service said that they have carried the six dead people and transported the 16 injured to the hospital. He also added that the death toll may also rise considering the hit experienced in the area.

It has been confirmed that Al Shabaab the rival group yesterday said that it was behind this attack. The group is currently fighting to topple the Somalia government currently in power to establish their own rule based on their interpretation of their Islamic law. According to Abdiasis Abu Musab, who is al Shabaab’s military operation spokesman said that at the moment they have destroyed completely the district headquarter office. And that concerning the event, there are casualties and that the group leader shall give all details later in the day. The Islamist militant group on the other hand has frequently carried out attacks in several capital and more so other areas since the army was backed by the African peacekeepers on pushing them out of the capital in since 2011.

Hussein Osman who was a witness during the incident said that he saw a 4×4 vehicle speeding into the targeted building. He explained by saying that he was sitting outside the district office. After this vehicle came over speeding he took off as fast as possible and from far he saw the office in flames and it was completely destroyed. According to reports, last week, another suicide car bomb destroyed a similar district office in Mogadishu.