Samsung Galaxy Watch: The Smart Watch Everyone Deserves

The recent release of Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch has come at a time when people needed a smartwatch the most, even after Apple’s release of their Apple Watch Series 4. The Apple smartwatch might have stolen the show in September but Samsung’s Galaxy Watch has amazing features worth noting by smartwatch enthusiasts.

Featuring a standard, round watch design plus a battery that lasts much longer than that of Apple’s smartwatch, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch is the timepiece people should be watching out for. It is flexible, meaning that it can work not just with Samsung Smartphones but with other Google Android devices. It is, therefore, a must have for android users.

The watch’s traditional round face allows its bezel to rotate smoothly, which makes it quite intuitive. This is a feature that Samsung has used in all its smartwatches, something that is missing in Apple’s watch. Users can easily and quickly navigate to a different app screen with the watch. To use the apps on the watch, just twist its bezel to the right or left. You could also tap and swipe across the watch’s touchscreen display to access the apps, though using the bezel will be a little funnier.

The watch features two buttons on its right side; one that will give users access to the onboard apps and the other one will bring you back to the home screen.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch comes in two main sizes; the 46mm model and the 42mm model. The former is silver while the latter comes in rose gold or black. If you want a big watch, the 46mm version will be the best to buy. The 42mm version is much smaller.

The good thing with these watches is that they are absolutely comfortable to wear, and can be won all day, even the bigger version. The watch comes with a good base strap that can be worn outdoors. There are plenty of bands on sale, that you can choose from. Some are more stylish and others are a bit customized. Just turn off the unnecessary notifications on your watch to keep the battery running longer.